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I'm Alice Funk, and all my life, I've struggled to fit clothes that fit. Throughout the years, I see and hear of others dealing with the same issue. For many, the pant legs, shirt length, or sleeves are too long. And what do we do about it? Most of us just tell ourselves or listen to our friends say, "...that's how it's supposed to fit." You and I know that it's just a matter of time we eventually give up on that article of clothing because it's just uncomfortable.
FunkFitCo - About Us
FunkFitCo offers a clothing line that crafts it's pieces for your body type, because we understand that empowering women starts with being comfortable in the clothes you wear. Today, we are focused on empowering women by networking and building relationships across different platforms to embrace women with a fitness conscious lifestyle.
We are a small boutique, and are far from being perfect, but we're learning everyday about how to meet your needs, and strive to be the unicorn of fitness, fashion, and fun!
Help us on this journey by checking out our line and please leave your feedback. This is about you so join us on the journey.